We talk because we are mortal; words are not signs, they are years.  –  Octavio Paz


Publications / Rejections


– a john hayes reader –

Epiphanies     The Human Condition     Art & Artist     Education



[selected writings]


[prologues & prefaces]

Henry Miller: A Three-Dimensional Perspective

Giblets & Flapdoodle (I)

Stone Soup

Proud Flesh


Nocturnal Emissions

[dreams & other midnight narratives]

Laboratory of Night

Diving Into the Deep



The Game of Life

The Secret

Dropping Out

The Violent Intellect

A Burnt Offering

The Snuff-Artist


[characters & caricatures]

Worthless SOB

Blood, Sperm & Mustard Seeds


Double Louie & The Fertile Crescent

A Monk In Sheep’s Clothing

The Living Legend

The Burning Bush

The Village Oddball

The Broken Doll


[vignettes a la mode]

Thirty-Seven Cents

White Noise

Only on Wednesdays, Please

Three & 1/2 Days In Love

“Astonished Floridian Here on Vacation!”

Randy & the Angel

12 & ½ Hours a Criminal

Those Who Can’t, Shouldn’t

Sweet, Trusting, Fragile, Headstrong, Fickle

Conkin’ Out

Not For Sissies


[aborted narratives]

Proud Flesh (novel)

Notice To Creditors

The Beached Whale


Lugubrious Beginnings

Could It Be Otherwise?

Soap Box Heroics

[rantings & ravings]

A Walk on the Wild Side

Pascal’s Wager

Fish Swim, Birds Fly, I Write

The Perfect Novel

God & the Quantum

The Way Of The Dinosaur

Is It Nothing?

The Chain-Smoking Psychiatrist

Dragons & Thanes

Green Chaos

Make A Joyful Noise

What’s New?

The Big Four-O

Having Fun, Yet?


[memories maudlin & otherwise]

Into The Night Life

No More Peas, Please

The Blinker

A True Cock ‘n Bull Story

Foxy Lady

Six Years in a Concentration Camp

The Man In White

Me & Mary Jo

The Killing Fields

Plato’s Cave

Hap & The Seaman’s Hanky

Coup de Grace

A Cold Heart


Lies That Tell The Truth

[creative personas, enhanced bio’s]

Scotch & Sin

Not Housebroken

The In-Between Years


On The Ovarian Trolley

The Poet-Laureate of Pass-a-Grille

The Role of the Humanities In Higher Education

The MLA Papers


[San Francisco]

The Tina Tour

City Lights

Golden Gate Bridge

Fisherman’s Wharf



North Beach

[Big Sur]

What Next?

Pacific Coast Highway

Henry Miller Library

Mission de Oro

North Toward Shasta

[Shasta-Trinity National Forest]

Then & Now

Pollard Flat

Mt. Shasta

Castle Crags


Punky & Squaw

The Ides of February

A Green Goddamn

[Proud Flesh]

With a Little Help From His Friends

Wino Wisdom


Something Happened

[All The Nasties]

Ode To Bukowski

Is It Nothing?

Hot Yapple Yum Yum

Jersey Girl

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