We talk because we are mortal; words are not signs, they are years.  –  Octavio Paz


Publications / Rejections

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Epiphanies     The Human Condition     Art & Artist     Education

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[selected writings]


[prologues & prefaces]

Henry Miller: A Three-Dimensional Perspective

Giblets & Flapdoodle (I)

Stone Soup

Proud Flesh


Nocturnal Emissions

[dreams & other midnight narratives]

Laboratory of Night

Diving Into the Deep



The Game of Life

The Secret

Dropping Out

The Violent Intellect

A Burnt Offering

The Snuff-Artist


[characters & caricatures]

Worthless SOB

Blood, Sperm & Mustard Seeds


Double Louie & The Fertile Crescent

A Monk In Sheep’s Clothing

The Living Legend

The Burning Bush

The Village Oddball

The Broken Doll


[vignettes a la mode]

Thirty-Seven Cents

White Noise

Only on Wednesdays, Please

Three & 1/2 Days In Love

“Astonished Floridian Here on Vacation!”

Randy & the Angel

12 & ½ Hours a Criminal

Those Who Can’t, Shouldn’t

Sweet, Trusting, Fragile, Headstrong, Fickle

Conkin’ Out

Not For Sissies


[aborted narratives]

Proud Flesh (novel)

Notice To Creditors

The Beached Whale


Lugubrious Beginnings

Could It Be Otherwise?

Soap Box Heroics

[rantings & ravings]

A Walk on the Wild Side

Pascal’s Wager

Fish Swim, Birds Fly, I Write

The Perfect Novel

God & the Quantum

The Way Of The Dinosaur

Is It Nothing?

The Chain-Smoking Psychiatrist

Dragons & Thanes

Green Chaos

Make A Joyful Noise

What’s New?

The Big Four-O

Having Fun, Yet?


[memories maudlin & otherwise]

Into The Night Life

No More Peas, Please

The Blinker

A True Cock ‘n Bull Story

Foxy Lady

Six Years in a Concentration Camp

The Man In White

Me & Mary Jo

The Killing Fields

Plato’s Cave

Hap & The Seaman’s Hanky

Coup de Grace

A Cold Heart


Lies That Tell The Truth

[creative personas, enhanced bio’s]

Scotch & Sin

Not Housebroken

The In-Between Years


On The Ovarian Trolley

The Poet-Laureate of Pass-a-Grille

The Role of the Humanities In Higher Education

The Second Time Around: Northern California, 2001

San Francisco

The Tina Tour

City Lights

Golden Gate Bridge

Fisherman’s Wharf



North Beach

Big Sur

What Next?

Pacific Coast Highway

Henry Miller Library

Mission de Oro

North Toward Shasta

Shasta-Trinity National Forest

Then & Now

Pollard Flat

Mt. Shasta

Castle Crags

The MLA Papers


Punky & Squaw

The Ides of February

A Green Goddamn

[Proud Flesh]

With a Little Help From His Friends

Wino Wisdom


Something Happened

[All The Nasties]

Ode To Bukowski

Is It Nothing?

Hot Yapple Yum Yum

Jersey Girl

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