Owls, with their large eyes, always remind me of the Mesopotamian statuettes from the Abu Temple in Tell Asmar, minus the devotional aspect.


At the very least those eyes betray curiosity, and it is easy to see how owls have become symbols of wisdom.


When I first started photographing these two, they were confined to the nest, but they took every opportunity to stretch their wings and dream of flying.


The braver one, eventually, was first to “tiptoe” out to the edge.


Soon it jumped out, proud to be standing on a branch all by itself. A day or so later the sibling followed suit.



They can fly a short distance now. But wherever they land, they like to keep an eye on me.


One even likes to play hide ‘n seek.


But soon they will disperse, probably much to the relief of Mama, who is always close by, watching.


🙂 🙂 🙂



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