It has been almost a month & several thousand miles since my last post. I meandered diagonally across the lower forty-eight again, and I am back now in the Land of Osprey.

Yesterday at the ophthalmologist’s in Ft. Myers I was treated to a fabulous light show. They said it was corrective eye surgery as a follow up to the cataracts I had removed two years ago. But to me it was a multi-colored magic carpet ride through a laser tunnel that took me back to the Sixties.

Way cool!

I mention this only because now that I can “see” I am totally embarrassed by all the photographs I have posted recently. They are each and every one over-sharpened and over-saturated!

I knew that I could barely read road signs or see traffic signals, but that seemed such a paltry thing when you only drive 40,000 miles/year:)

But to miss the finer points of editing when you’ve got your nose smack up against a computer screen – why, for a photographer, that’s downright tragic!😦

At any rate, please forgive me and look for an improvement in future images. Until then, here are a few osprey shots from the archives of a blind photographer to celebrate my return to Florida.

osprey lift off

osprey lift offosprey with fish

osprey with fish

osprey with fishOsprey spread wings w fishglum fishthe crucified fishosprey with fishosprey feeding youngosprey nestrooftop osprey with fishosprey eating fishosprey and crowosprey landing