Inquisitive & Intelligent

German Shepherd Dog

Loyal & Obedient

German Shepherd Dog

Playful & Fun-Loving

German Shepherd Dog

Eager to Please

German Shepherd Dog

The Life of the Party

German Shepherd Dog

Bosom Buddy

German Shepherd Dog


Watching this dynamic duo train & play at a local park I couldn’t help but remember my own German Shepherd Dog, Jessica.

jessica at frenchman's creekI named her after the little girl next door whose father was shot down over North Vietnam on the very day his daughter was born.

Jessica’s sire was the #1 German Shepherd Dog in the United States in 1969, Grand Victor Ch. Arno von der Kurpfalzhalle, SchH III.

Jessica's sire G.Victor Arno 1969I trained Jessica in three languages: English, German, and hand signals. At the time I was involved with a local Schutzhund training club. We met each Saturday morning in a vacant field next to the Burbank Airport. I was the kid in the padded suit foolishly playing the role of “agitator”.

I don’t have very many pictures from back then. But here’s a short slideshow spliced together from some faded images I recently discovered in an old shoebox.

Jessica was my constant companion. We roamed the country from coast to coast in my little orange VW. She lived to be almost 13 years old. When the time came I chose to have her put to sleep on my birthday.

JessicaJessica: February, 1972 – December, 1984