A Walk in the Boonies

Some of you may remember that I started this website after a visit to Yellowstone and I was intent on posting mostly pictures of birds and animals. For the past couple of years, however, wildlife opportunities have been few and far between.

Yesterday I was able to reunite with some photog friends – Will, Ronnie, Debbie & Brandon – and we hit the trails together. I’m rusty with a long lens these days but here are a few mediocre shots that got my juices flowing again.










Alley Oops #37: “Before I Die I Want To…”

This constantly evolving mural invites viewer participation.


Before I Die I Want To _____

shark dive

own my own furniture

get high w/ Bob Marley

poop on a cat

change a life

cure cancer

make up w/ my sister

find Waldo

have sex under a waterfall

learn a second language

delete my browser history

forgive my past

grow old

archive the best me

live worry free

have anal sex

vote Hillary

all of the above


[a Monday sampling of signs, murals, graffiti]

Moderation Is Not An Option, at my age

You know the die is cast when your bank readily lends you money for a new car but denies you death insurance, saying it’s a no-win situation for them because you’re not expected to live long enough to make all the payments!

But surely my new Ford Explorer with only 111.6 miles on the odometer is the safest car on the road. It parallel parks itself, automatically maintains a prescribed distance from the car in front, maintains vigilance behind with a rear-view camera, beeps when a tree is about to jump out into the road, asks where you want to go and takes you there while serenading you with 9 speakers , warms the steering wheel for your hands and the seats for your tush – and even provides Tzuri with her own climate control knobs.

And I haven’t even finished reading the owner’s manual yet!


It’s like I’m a useless appendage just along for the ride.

Well, maybe that’s the point, at my age.


You Want It Darker

Leonard Cohen died yesterday.


“As far as I’m concerned,” Bob Dylan once told Leonard, “You’re Number 1,” adding with a smile, “I’m Number Zero.”

If you like Cohen’s music, his last album, released this year, is worth a listen.

It has been said that Leonard Cohen’s music is “music to slit your wrists by.” But Bob Dylan disagrees.

“I see no disenchantment in Leonard’s lyrics at all,” Dylan said. “There’s always a direct sentiment, as if he’s holding a conversation and telling you something, him doing all the talking, but the listener keeps listening… When people talk about Leonard, they fail to mention his melodies, which to me, along with his lyrics, are his greatest genius. Even the counterpoint lines—they give a celestial character and melodic lift to every one of his songs. As far as I know, no one else comes close to this in modern music.”


A longish but thorough overview of Leonard Cohen’s life & career is summed up in this New Yorker article sent to me by my good friend, Kay Boylen Larche:


“The truth was that Leonard Cohen felt as lost as anybody. What gave his work its uncommon gravitas wasn’t that he knew the answers but that he never stopped looking. He searched for clues in bedrooms and warzones, in Jewish temples and Buddhist retreats, in Europe, Africa, Israel and Cuba. He tried to flush them out with booze and drugs and seduce them with melodies. And whenever he managed to painfully extract some nugget of wisdom, he would cut and polish it like a precious stone before resuming the search.”